Over the past decade, Prescott North has developed from a sparsely populated area with a small golf course community and airport to one of the fastest growing areas in Prescott. In the future, the Prescott North area will be an important component of the City of Prescott growth. Current population and economic forecasts are not available for Prescott North and this section provides information for the City of Prescott.


With 18% of the Total Yavapai County Population, and 40% of the total Yavapai County employment, the City of Prescott is the economic engine of Yavapai County.

The City’s has .6 jobs for every resident, more than the statewide ratio and more than double the jobs to population ration for Prescott Valley and Yavapai County.

The City captures more than half of the retail sales in Yavapai County and almost 25% of County restaurant/bar receipts.

Compared to rest of Arizona, the City is a highly desirable location for consumer goods manufacturing, health care, and telecommunications services.

The City’s presence as a good location for manufacturing, telecommunications and high tech business is borne out by it’s jobs profile. Over 60% of high tech manufacturing & development jobs, and almost 60% of consumer goods manufacturing and telecommunications jobs in Yavapai County are located in the City of Prescott. The City’s 2nd largest employer (Stern Ruger with 800 employees) in the City is located in the North Area.