Land Use

As the city continues to grow and develop, the North Area Plan will be fundamental in guiding economic growth and development in future land use decisions. The North Area sits upon a catalytic site for capturing growth from Chino Valley to the North and Prescott Valley to the east; the area is also bisected by State Routes 89 and 89A and leads to Downtown Prescott and Embry Riddle College to the south, while capturing traffic from the west through Pioneer Parkway. At the nexus of the highway intersection sits Prescott Regional Airport sits that serves as a potential economic hub for the area. Large tracts of open space and recreational uses exist throughout the area with natural areas such as Granite Creek and the Peavine trail, and much of the land to the north west remains vacant for agricultural ranching.

General Plan Land Use

The 2015 City of Prescott General Plan land use map identifies nearly 6,800 acres for Commercial/Employment and Mixed Use and surrounds the central airport and much of the open space along the Peavine Trail. Nearly 5,000 acres of Recreation and Commercial/Recreation are anticipated. Other planned developments that may influence the development of land uses include the AED North and South Area plans, Deepwell Ranch to the West of the Airport, and development of Banner Hospital in the north side of the airport.